The Realist's Enchantment with the Affectations of Affection

by Navajo Youth

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released April 21, 2011
All tracks written and produced by Navajo Youth.
All tracks mastered by Jonathan Race.



all rights reserved


Navajo Youth Shireoaks, UK

Navajo Youth is a solo pop artist from Nottingham, England, now resident in Leeds, who began writing music as Navajo Youth in 2009. His “panoramic pop” sound draws sonic inspiration from modern electronic music and classic 80s pop and lyrical inspiration from modern society and the natural world surrounding us. ... more

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Track Name: Mystery
Please don't think
That I could ever be your everything
That I could ever be a heartbreaker
Because I won't make her believe in love

Close your eyes
Oh make believe that you've been hypnotised
‘Cause I will always be a mystery
‘Cause I'm ashamed to be this idolised

It seems to me
That you're faster than the speed of light
And you're blinding me
I don't want to fall in love

I could never let you be alone
Please take my heart. It is your own
Oh tell me what to say to make you mine
Oh let's make love to pass the time

Taste my breath
Give me your all until there's nothing left
I never thought that I would fall in love
Thought I was strong enough but now I feel possessed

Oh girl, I know you want to run
And hide your face behind those clouds
Oh darling please don't hide the sun
Darling please don't hide the sun
Track Name: Animal
We're just two gamblers playing games
I bet my heart and lost again
Oh there must be a better way

We're just two souls lost in the woods
The moonlight tells us we're in love
This passion keeps the wolves at bay
Just for today

Take me nearer to the stars
Than I have ever been before
This green earth don't seem too far away
But I can't stay the night

With you, I feel like I've been torn in two
I'm everything I used to fear and now
I'm running away so I can say
Those dark clouds don't seem so near

Oh I'm an animal
Teeth sink into your flesh
Oh you're an animal
I've seen you kill a man for less.
Track Name: Little Heart
This is what we were waiting for
Love eclipsing the things that we tried to ignore
But they won't disappear
We can shut our eyes but lies will find us
Lies will always be found out

Oh they told me everything changes
But I never realised they meant you
For as the sun will rise every single day
I thought that you would be the same your whole life through.

Hold on to me, my little heart
I could never face the dark without you
If I must leave, let me wipe my tears on your sleeve
Baby, tell me that you believe that I will return to haunt you

Darling, I could never let you go
But there's something that you ought to know
Hearts like ours can never beat without one another
I don't know if I can carry on without you in my arms
Oh baby, let me see the sunrise reflected in your eyes

You never hold your head up high anymore
Your shyness cripples the smile I adore
And hiding in the clothes that lay on the floor
Is a heart that's trying to find its voice

Just give me a sign
Oh every single line you speak is so confusing
Never let me go
Oh darling take control of me
I won't resist it
Track Name: Stars
Does the sun rise in the morning with jealousy in his eyes?
‘Cause he knows it's you I need to give me natural light
Oh darling with your bruised knees
Your imperfections help me to breathe

And every hair upon your head dances in the wind
And I think back to when you said this is where we begin
Oh torturer I paid my ransom
You set me free
This is what I've become

And I'm burning in the sun
I'm melting in the rain
And every single word you said to me
Is driving me insane

I don't know the truth
But I won't tell you any lies
And if we were both stars
We'd be perfectly aligned

We could be a little freer, we could finally breathe
Wipe the blood off our face with cuffs of our sleeves
Let the stains remind you of the time when my lips would bleed
‘Cause you would bite me as I kissed you goodnight
Track Name: Breeze
Teeth that seem too big for your mouth
A smile that breaks your jaw
Hair tied back, freckles everywhere
You don't make any effort at all

But when I tangle my fingers into yours
Get so close I steal your warmth
And when we kiss so our eyelashes almost touch
Oh just trust me sweetheart, I don't give a fuck

Open your wings
Let the breeze take you far above
Use your compass
It's so easy to get lost in love

Listen to your heart, I'll let you decide
Whether this is day or this is night
Everything you own will fall away
Silence is a curse which you betray

And this is how we lived our separate lives for such a long time
And this is how I feel the breeze roll down my spine.
[Let the breeze take you higher than you thought you'd ever go]
Track Name: Mixtape
Take me away, my love
I don't want to see you fall and break your heart
I'd rather keep some mystery
At least in part
A taste of adventure will do us good
This isn't Hollywood

But when I see you walk, the frame rate drops
My stomach turns itself in knots
And butterflies turn into moths
And eat me from the inside

A part of me died
When you said you lied
Oh it's so beautiful tonight
The darkness means I only see your eyes

Oh you are undone
Because I see into your veins
And the love you had for me
It still remains the same

Make me a mixtape of kisses and heartache
Rip the track list up, start over when you make a mistake
It must perfect just like our love
And the artwork must be a hand drawn picture of you and me

Oh I’ve never been good with words
So I made you this mixtape
It’s so sincere it hurts
Oh I made you a mixtape

Oh I listened to your Death Cab CD
And it taught me all I needed to learn about you, about me
I listened to it backwards to see if there were subliminal messages
Oh there weren't and it just made me feel sick
And I thought of you, I felt so tricked, I felt so tricked

So make me a mixtape and make me cry with the liner notes
About how it took hours and about how you instigated a system of democratic votes
To decide what tracks would begin and end
Oh it's so important, don't you know, to send the right messages, the right messages
Oh the message is I love you

Don't speak it out loud, ‘cause you're not mine
It wouldn't be right, Oh I wish I was blind
Then I couldn't be tempted by your beautiful face
Seeing you all over the place.

I loved the way your lips don't meet
Your tired eyes ‘cause you won't sleep
Will you please spend the night again?
But this time don't let it end.

Do you realise we can fly
Leave this cruel earth far behind
Please just keep an open mind
And our love will never die

Make me a mixtape of kisses and heartache.
Rip the track list up, start over, when you make a mistake.
It must perfect, just like our love.
And the artwork must be a hand drawn picture, of you and me.